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Issie & Molly

Hi, we’re Issie and Molly, and we’re both pretty pissed that the theme of this portfolio day is milk, seeing as we’re both grossly lactose intolerant.


Hailing from cloud cuckoo land, copywriter and former anthropologist Issie can often be found liking unhinged memes on twitter, collecting shells, or making her ADHD everyone else’s problem by having a new hyper fixation every week. 


Art director Molly was most likely conceived in an Adobe lab. If you can’t find Molly she’ll most likely be performing magic on Illustrator, buying “just a little snack” from a nearby shop at exactly 11am, or showing unsuspecting strangers pictures of her dog. 


If you’re looking to inject a driven, playful, and fun pair with multiple dietary restrictions (and a few awards already under their belts) into your agency, then we’re the girls for you.

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