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Agatha is an art director, table-football aficionado and Instagram meme spammer from Tunbridge Wells and Brittany. When she’s not speaking French to her cat, she likes to hoard Google Chrome tabs and crash her computer. Agatha also enjoys dated Friends references, overusing the exclamation mark key on her keyboard, and wearing the same Star Wars hoodie for six years.


Sarah is an unfairly tall mackem copywriter. As the svelte hipster in this relationship, she enjoys the simple things in life, such as bad puns and vegetarian meals. Sarah only dresses in black and white, she enjoys running (yet to be seen) and she loves correcting people while they’re typing live in Google Docs. Not only that, but because she is from Generation Whatever, she doesn’t even understand cool Friends references. 


(Author’s note: Sarah and Agatha’s egos are both too large to be trusted to write their own bios, so they’ve written each other’s.)

Agatha & Sarah